Student Visa In Luxembourg

Student Visa In Luxembourg: The Ultimate Guide

Ready to embark on an academic adventure in the heart of Europe?

Luxembourg, with its multilingual charm and global outlook, beckons. But first, navigating the student visa is key.

Let’s illuminate your path to Luxembourgish learning.

The Most Important Reasons To Study In Luxembourg

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  • Luxembourg’s higher education system is multilingual, with classes in one of the three national languages.
  • Several programs are taught in English.
  • Luxembourgish schools are highly regarded internationally for their education and research quality.
  • The most excellent schools in Luxembourg are the University of Luxembourg, Lunex University, and Sacred Heart University, which we will examine further in this article about studying in Luxembourg.
  • Your education will be recognized internationally if you study at one of these universities. Bachelor’s degrees usually require three years to finish but can take up to four years, depending on the subject. 

Master’s degrees generally need one or two years to complete; however, PhDs might take up to five years.

Top Universities In Luxembourg 

Here is a list of world-class and highly regarded universities in Luxembourg. Take a look at this:

Universities in Luxembourg Location 
European Business UniversityLuxembourg City
United Business Institutes Brussels
BBI LuxembourgWiltz
Sacred Heart University Luxembourg City
Luxembourg School Of Business Luxembourg City
Lunex UniversityDifferdange 
Cass InstituteLuxembourg City

The Cost Of Studying In Luxembourg

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Tuition expenses per semester can range from €200 (INR 17,710) to €400 (INR 35,420). Your program of study mainly determines the fees. For students outside the EU, schools can decide on their tuition prices. 

As a result, they can vary significantly. For example, the University of Luxembourg charges no more than €200 (INR 17,710) every semester, whereas Sacred Heart University, an American school, charges more.

Documents Requirement For A Student Visa In Luxembourg?

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The following original documents are required to obtain a temporary authorization of stay, which is necessary to get an entry visa.

Please remember that they must be in English, German, or French.

A Valid Passport Is Required

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Every applicant must have a passport issued within the last ten years. Similarly, it should have two open blank pages for the visa.

Completed Application Form For Temporary Stay Authorization

This should include your contact information, such as your name and address. Access the form here

Enrollment Proof

In addition to this document, the student must give documentation demonstrating their circumstances. For example, if you are a participant in any of these programs, you must provide documentation of participation:

  • A mobility clause in an EU program or a multinational program
  • A bilateral agreement between two institutions of higher learning

Criminal History

The applicant must have an affidavit/sworn statement of criminal history from their home country.

Evidence Of Financial Capacity

To obtain a student visa in Luxembourg, the student must show that they have the financial resources to sustain themselves throughout their studies.

To do so, you must present an authentic bank statement and bank certificate from the previous six months.

If your parents agree to support you, you must provide proof that they can afford the expense of your education for at least a year.

If you will be supported by a Luxembourg citizen, you must provide an attestation signed by the sponsor.

Any of these documents must demonstrate that the applicant possesses resources equal to 80% of the social inclusion income. This is now fixed at EUR 1201 ($1420) per month per adult.

If you have a scholarship or a student loan, you must provide proof of eligibility.

Health Coverage

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You must have medical insurance that covers your entire stay in Luxembourg.

A Copy Of The Resident Permit

This rule applies solely to third-country students studying in an EU nation.

Parental Permission

This is only relevant to students under the age of 18.

What Is The Cost Of A Luxembourg Student Visa?

A Schengen entrance visa costs EUR 50 ($69). Russians, Moldovans, Ukrainians, and others are eligible for a discounted fee of EUR 35 ($41).

The residence permit, on the other hand, costs EUR 80 ($95).

Steps For Obtaining A Student Visa In Luxembourg

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Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll need to do to obtain a student visa in Luxembourg.

Apply For A Temporary Stay Authorization

As previously said, you will need to gather all of the above-mentioned documentation in order to get a temporary authorization of stay.

It is better to do this ahead of time because the processing period can go up to 60 days. This may take even longer if the paperwork is insufficient or if the consulate requires further information or documentation.

Wait For Your Temporary Stay Authorization

The processing body will mail your provided authorization. It is only valid for 90 days; you must apply for a Schengen entry visa during that time.

Obtain A Schengen Entrance Visa (Type D)

If you need to apply for an entry visa, you must do it at least 15 days before your planned departure date.

You will need to submit the following documentation for this.

  • Finish the Common Schengen Application Form
  • A valid passport is required.
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • Permit to reside (if you do not live in your country of origin)
  • Evidence of visa fee paid
  • Proof of sufficient finances to support your stay
  • Insurance for travel and health

The good news is that you already have the majority of them because you filed for temporary authorization to stay.

Depending on the country you live in, you may apply through the Consulate of Luxembourg or the Consulate of Belgium.

In some circumstances, visa centers handle the application process. You must submit your application and schedule an appointment through their separate websites. Remember that this visa is only valid for three months.

Enter Luxembourg And Declare Your Stay

Once in Luxembourg, the student should file an arrival declaration with the administration office of their commune. This must be completed within three days after arrival.

The following documents are necessary for this declaration:

  • If relevant, a valid passport or EU resident permit is required.
  • Letter of temporary authority to stay
  • A Valid address, for example, is a rental agreement as proof of address.

As a receipt, the commune official shall offer the student a copy of the arrival declaration.

Have A Medical Examination

The student must have a medical exam and TB test upon arrival.

The Immigration Medical Department will subsequently provide a medical certificate, which will be transmitted to the Immigration Directorate. 

This is significant because it is still another prerequisite for the processing of a residency permit.

Obtain A Residence Permit

Within three months after arrival, the student must apply for this permit at the Immigration Directorate.

For the application to be processed, the following documents must be submitted:

  • A valid passport is required.
  • a copy of the temporary stay authorization
  • a copy of the commune’s arrival declaration
  • Certificate of enrollment in a higher education institution
  • Payment Receipt

When the application is approved, the office will contact the student to schedule an appointment with the Immigration Directorate. The student’s image and fingerprints will be taken here.

The residency permit with the chip will likely be available in a few days.

This permit is only valid for a year, so the student must apply for renewal at least two months before the expiry date.

Luxembourg’s Living Expenses

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Luxembourg’s currency is the Euro. The following are some examples of average living expenses in Luxembourg City (in EUR and INR):

  • €1200 (INR 1,06,260) per month for a one-bedroom flat
  • Utilities (on a monthly basis): €230 (INR 20,366)
  • Monthly public transport pass: €0 (it is free for all).
  • Meal (at a low-cost restaurant): €20 ($1,771).

The average monthly cost of living, without rent, is €950 (INR 84,123).

Luxembourg Study Scholarships 

Individual schools provide certain scholarships, while the Luxembourgish government also gives scholarships. What you get varies depending on the scholarship.

It is imperative to note which scholarships apply to you, so make sure you read the scholarship conditions before applying.

Healthcare Facilities In Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s healthcare system is regarded as one of the best in the world. The government invests heavily in the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the healthcare system and its facilities. 

It is important that the health insurance you have in order to obtain your student visa is adequate and covers all possibilities.


As your academic sojourn in Luxembourg unfolds, you’ll discover the blend of cultures, languages, and experiences.

With your visa details squared away, the grandeur of the Grand Duchy is yours to explore. Study Seamless!

Luxembourgish Lore!

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