Types Of Visas In Luxembourg

Types Of Visas In Luxembourg: Explained 

Embarking on a Luxembourgish adventure or seeking new opportunities in the heart of Europe?

Navigating the maze of visa options can be as daunting as a stroll through the Casemates du Bock. Fret not!

Our guide to the various types of visas in Luxembourg is your trusty compass, ensuring you find the right path to this enchanting Grand Duchy. Let’s dive in!

What Are The Different Types Of Visas In Luxembourg?

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Before getting to know who is eligible to enter Luxembourg on different visa types of visas. One needs to know that primarily, there are three main types of Luxembourg visas which are:

  • Transit Visa (Type A)
  • Short-stay visas (Type C)
  • Long stay visas (Type D)

A long-stay visa is for individuals who want to stay longer for more than 90 days to explore for work or study or for any other reason in Luxembourg, and short-stay visas are for those who stay for less than 90 days. 

A transit visa is not a permanent or temporary visit but a visit while traveling. This visa is given to those who are in between connecting flights. 

The number of entries also determines another distinction for different types of visas in Luxemburg. This distinction includes a single-entry visa and a multiple-entry visa. 

The single-entry visa will allow one entry, while a multiple-entry visa for Luxembourg will allow one to enter and exit many times in the country.

Other than the entries and duration of the stay, the purpose of entry is also a distinctive measure for determining the type of visa for Luxemburg. Following are the main categories of the types of visas in Luxemburg:

Transit Visa (Type A Visa)

People who have connecting flights might get a stay over for a day or hours or longer in Luxembourg, and then they can avail of this visa and explore Luxembourg during their long stay over.

A transit visa is issued to travelers visiting Luxembourg through a connecting flight. All. The Schengen citizens can explore Luxembourg without needing a transit visa.

However, if one is not a Schengen citizen, one must apply for a transit visa. Сitizens of the following countries require a transit visa for staying over in Luxembourg while having a connecting flight:

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Western Sahara
  • Bangladesh
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • Guinea Bissau
  • Nepal
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Togo

Short-Stay Visa (Type-C Visa)

When one has to visit and stay in Luxembourg for a short period, one applies for a Short-term visa. One can stay in Luxembourg for up to 90 days under the 180-day assigned period through this visa.

Furthermore, this visa allows single and multiple entries into the country. The purpose behind getting access to the Type-C visa includes:

  • Attending cultural events like music festivals or art exhibitions. 
  • For medical reasons like surgery or any other health checkup.
  • Official Visit.
  • Sports Events as participants or audience.
  • Short-term study events.
  • Tourism 
  • Visiting Family or Friends

One is not allowed to work in Luxembourg on this visa. So, one would need to apply for a Type-D visa if one wants to work, or even if the work will be completed within the 90-day mark, one would need to apply for a Type-D national visa

Schengen Visa

A type-C Schengen visa is a popular visa acquired by many who want to visit Luxembourg briefly. All the citizens of Schengen countries can apply for this visa. It is valid for a 90-day stay in a 6-month duration period. 

Tourism Visa

Luxembourg tourism visa is also a short-term type-C visa issued by the Luxembourg authorities to people who want to tour Luxembourg and visit the beautiful monuments and places that offer marvelous exhibitions for entertainment. 

Long-Stay Visa (Type-D Visa)

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Long Stay visas, also known as type-D visas in Luxembourg, allow one to stay longer than 90 days. The validity differs, but mostly, this visa is valid for 1 year. One is allowed to get this visa extended for another 365 days.

A long-stay visa is also known as a national Visa in Luxembourg. There can be various reasons for applying for this visa. Some of the possibilities include the following purposes for applying for a type-D visa or national visa in Luxembourg:

  • Working as a full-time employee or part-time trainee or wanting to work as a highly qualified worker will require getting a type-D visa.
  • Being self-employed and setting up an independent business will also entail a Type-D visa. 
  • Sports can also lead one to visit Luxembourg. Being a sportsperson or a training coach and staying in Luxembourg would be allowed only on a Type-D visa.
  • To Study. All the foreign pupils, students, and researchers in Luxembourg would require a Type-D visa.
  • A Type-D visa is also a requisite for citizens of third-world countries who want to meet and stay with a family member who’s an EU citizen.

Types Of Luxembourg Long-Stay Visas

As the purposes of acquiring long-term visas differ, it has different types. This visa is issued for a maximum of one year, and in most cases, it can be renewed or extended and is expended upon when one wants to stay for a long while in Luxembourg.

To authenticate for which exact visa one needs to apply to acquire a type-D visa and visit Luxembourg and stay there for a while, one needs to see the following long-stay visa types:

Work Visa

As Luxembourg boasts of being one of the most economically prosperous and progressive nations, it does get many applications from foreign residents wanting to work here. So, one must apply for a long-term work visa

 if one wishes to work in Luxembourg.

One must have a confirmed job and a work contract with an employer who’s a Luxembourg resident registered with the National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l’emploi – ADEM) in Luxembourg.

Student Visa

Everyone passionate about academics would want to acquire higher education. 

In case anyone is interested in pursuing higher education in Luxembourg, then the international student would need to apply for a study visa, which is a long-term type-C visa.

Family Reunion Visa

One must apply for a Type-C visa if one wants to visit Luxembourg and meet a family who is an EU resident.

However, to unite with the family and stay with them long-term, one would need to apply for a family reunion visa.

Investment Visa

To establish and expand one’s business in Luxembourg, one must first acquire an investment type-D visa.

The Ministry of Economics or the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg will first approve the investment plans of the foreign citizen. Only then one will be able to apply for the investment visa in Luxembourg. 

Preferably, for one’s investment plans to be approved, one should at least invest the following amounts or more in their business:

Expected InvestmentBusiness/Department
€500,000New or existing business
€500,000New Company
€3 millionIn Management
€3 millionAs Bank Deposit

Who Is Eligible For Different Types Of Luxembourg Visa?

The eligibility of the visitors acquiring different types of visas in Luxembourg has been primarily distributed into two main categories, which are:

  • EU residents
  • Non-EU residents

The EU residents can easily apply for the Schengen area. They thus can freely visit Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and other EU countries.

Other than the EU residents, the citizens of the USA and Brazil also enjoy visa-free status with Luxembourg. Without a visa, the allowed applicants, like EU residents, may legally stay in Luxembourg via Schengen Visa for a maximum of 90 days under the 6 months. 

Unlike EU residents, non-EU residents would need to undergo a thorough process of applying for any visa to visit Luxembourg. The Non-EU Nationals that want to visit Luxembourg must confirm their eligibility by showcasing that they have:

  • A valid passport with at least 3-6 months left in expiry.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • An approved visa issued by a consular authority.

What Are The Required Documents For Different Types Of Visas For Luxemburg?

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As all the visa applications require documents that determine and verify the personal, financial, and professional details of the applicant, one would need various documents to apply for different types of visas in Luxembourg as well.

Some of the required documents that one needs while submitting the visa application form in Luxembourg have been given below: 

Valid Passport

A valid passport is a legal document issued by the authorities of one’s home country and is not expired. It must have at least 3-6 months of validity after the return date of one’s visit to Luxembourg to apply for the visa. 

The passport must also have at least two blank pages. In addition, one might be asked to include a copy of one’s previous visas and passports.


One has to take at least 2 pictures with a transparent white background. The size of the pictures has to be 35-40mm.

The pictures need to be clear and recent to make identifying the individual easier. 

Health Insurance

Insurance is vital, so one must present the documents showing proof of one’s insurance during the stay in Luxembourg. It is mandatory to have medical insurance that covers the expense of at least €30,000.

Not having insurance may lead to the rejection of one’s visa applications.

Proof Of Residence 

For whichever visa one applies for in Luxembourg, one would need to present proof that one has an accommodation where one will reside during one’s stay in Luxembourg. 

This document, which shows the proof of residence, can be in the form of an invitation letter, a leasing contract, a rental agreement, a letter from the landlord, or even a hotel reservation.

Criminal Record

An authenticated criminal record is an essential document that one needs to submit with one’s visa application to prove one’s reputation as a law-abiding and upstanding resident of one’s country.

The criminal record is issued by the police or criminal investigative authorities in one’s country. One needs to make a timely request to get this document.

Bank Statement 

The applicant is asked to show proof of financial stability with one’s visa application form. So, one is asked to attach the bank statement of at least 3-6 months. The acceptable threshold of amount and financial exchange varies with the type of visa. 

One may also be asked to present the last 3 years of income tax statement with the bank statement. One’s bank issues the bank statement, and the income tax records can be attained from the income tax authorities. 


The average fee for a Luxembourg visa is €60- €80. One must submit the fee to the embassy or the consulate and attach the fee receipt to the visa application form. 

Filled Visa Application Form

One can quickly go to the official website of Luxembourg’s foreign ministry and download the application form. One may fill it out online and then print a hard copy

One needs to check all the details and required additional documents have been seen and signed before submitting the visa application form. 

Additional Required Documents

Types Of Visas In Luxembourg 4

One may be asked to submit additional documents on the particular type of visa one is applying for. So, the necessary documents that Luxembourg visa policies require for a work visa, study visa, family and business visa are as follows are listed below,

Luxembourg Work Visa Required Documents

Besides the abovementioned documents, the work visa asks for two mandatory documents. So, the additional documents required for a Luxembourg work visa have been given below:

  • Work contract:  The work contract must include the salary, duration of work, work position, starting date, etc. Work contract proves that one has a job requiring a visa in Luxembourg.
  • Professional qualification: A copy of one’s professional qualifications, educational degrees from undergrad or post-grad programs, and experience letters from where one has previously worked. 

Luxembourg Study Visa Requirements

The following additional documents will be needed when applying for the Luxembourg study visa:

  • A letter of acceptance in the chosen program from Luxembourg’s accredited university. 
  • One would need to get parental authorization if the student is underage. 

Luxembourg Family Reunion Visa

One must submit the following documents for a Luxembourg family visa:

  • Document proof of your relationship status. It is a document that depends on your civil status. 
  • Marriage certificate 
  • Joint bank statements 
  • Birth certificates of one’s children.
  • Parental Consent letter/form: If only one parent is moving to Luxembourg with a minor child, then one would need parental consent from the other parent.
  • Medical Report: One would need to provide a medical report to prove that one is in good health and can live easily in Luxembourg without needing help.

Tourist Visa

  • Proof of hotel booking 
  • Proof of occupation, e.g., salary slip.
  • Evidence of financial stability in the form of bank statements of the last 6 months. 

Luxembourg Investment/Business Visa Requirements

One may also be asked to submit these documents when applying for an investment visa or Business in Luxembourg.

  • Proof that one has made the requested investment
  • Credit card limit 
  • 2-3 years’ income tax returns and file statements.
  • Last 3 months’ pay slip or investments. 
  • Submit proof of proprietorship registration in case the applicant owns a company.
  • If applicable, one might be asked to attach proof of sponsorship.
  • One might also be asked to submit proof of retirement, if applicable

Luxembourg Residence Permit

If one stays longer than one year in Luxembourg and wants to continue to stay longer, then one can apply for a temporary residence permit. It has a validity of up to five years. 

Temporary residence permits can also be renewed. After legally staying in Luxembourg for five years, one may also apply for a permanent residence permit

What Is The Process For Applying For Luxembourg Visas?

Types Of Visas In Luxembourg 5

The visa application process to Luxembourg is finalized by submitting the documents to the Immigration Directorate of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. The whole process of applying for visas to Luxembourg is relatively easy.

Mainly, for all types of visas, the filled applications with the required documents attached must be submitted to the Luxembourg embassy or consulate in one’s home country. The whole process of applying for the Luxembourg visas is relatively simple.

The process of offline application for different Luxembourg visas is outlined as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the closest visa application center or Luxembourg consulate.
  • Step 2: Fill the visa application form accurately.
  • Step 3: Submit the application form along with all required documents.
  • Step 4: Collect the application token from the center and get interviewed.
  • Step 5: Collect the approved visa from the Luxembourg Embassy or consulate.

The general steps for applying for different visas for Luxembourg have been dictated below. The steps may vary slightly depending on visa types and application destinations, but most remain the same. 

Confirming The Duration Of The Trip

The duration of one’s stay may make one decide the type of visa one chooses to apply for. So, the first and foremost step in applying for the Luxembourg visa is to decide on the duration of the trip. 

After determining the duration, one can select the visa type one must apply for (Type C, D, or A).

Selecting The Number Of Entries 

Choosing the single-entry visa or the multiple-entry visa for Luxembourg will decide whether or not one may be allowed to travel in and out of the country and into other Schengen countries throughout the validity of one’s visa.

It is imperative to plan the trip route and purpose so that one may determine if one wants a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. The holders of the single-entry visa for Luxembourg are not allowed to return to Luxembourg after exiting once.

Fill Out The Visa Application Form

One can easily download the visa application from the website. One must download, print, complete, and sign the visa application form. 

Gather Required Documents

The visa application form has a list of documents one needs to gather and attach to it before submitting it.

So, collect all the required documents for the specific Luxembourg visa one wants to apply for, as any missing document may lead to visa rejection.

Submit Form And Schedule Visa Interview 

Timely submission of the documents with the application form is significant. One must try to apply for the visa and submit the application at least 4-6 weeks or 3 months before one wants to visit Luxembourg.

Primarily, all the visa applicants are obligated to attend the visa interview. Scheduling a Luxembourg visa interview can take a long so one should schedule the appointment at the earliest via email and phone. 

Attend Visa Interview

The final stage of the application process for a visa to Luxembourg includes the following:

  • One may also be asked to submit biometric information.
  • Pay the visa fee. 
  • Get interviewed. 

Following the Luxembourg visa application process, one will either be granted a visa or receive a rejection in due time.

Luxembourg has one of the lowest visa rejection rates, 10.5%, in 2022. Thus, it ranked as the 6th most hospitable convivial in the EU.

Applications are mainly processed within 15 days after it has been submitted. It might take 30 days, too, but the maximum is 60 days.

When To Apply For A Luxembourg Visa?

Applicants must apply within an adequate time before the decided dates of the trip. Most of the time, it is preferable to apply the:

  • For short-stay visas to Luxembourg, at least 14 days before the intended date of the trip.
  • For a long-term visa, one must apply for more than 90 days after receiving the approved D visa application.

What Is The Visa Fee For Different Types Of Visas For Luxembourg?

One may need to pay the fee while applying for a visa at different times. Some of the crucial details regarding the fees of different visa types in Luxembourg are given below. The following chart shows the standard fee for different types of visas:

Type of visaNormal fee
Airport transit visa (A)EUR 60
Short stay visa (C)EUR 60
Long stay visa (D)EUR 50

Reduced Fee

Luxembourg allows a few people of a specific age group, nationality, and profession to get reduced fees. Children between 6 and 12 years old get reduced fees.

The nationals of Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania, Georgia, the Republic of North Macedonia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Cape Verde also get the advantage of reduced fees.

Processing Fee

The processing fee for different types of Luxembourg visas follows the prices given below:

  • 84.23 Euros for business visa
  • 84.23 Euros for tourist visa

Visa Fee Waived

CategoryTransit A visaShort-stay C visaLong-stay D visa
6 years old children35 euros35 euros35 euros
Children above 1280 euros80 euros50 euros
Children from 6 to 12 years old are entitled to a reduced fee40 euros40 euros40 euros

Many categories of visa applicants do not need to pay any visa fee waived. Some of those categories have been listed below:

  • Children under the age of 6
  • Student groups on educational or school trips.
  • Scholars visiting for research.
  • Charity organization members under the age of 25.
  • Family members of an EU/EEA national.


And there you have it – a concise yet comprehensive guide to Luxembourg’s visa types. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a scholarly explorer, or simply seeking a change of scenery, understanding these visa pathways is your first step towards a new chapter in Luxembourg.

Remember, every great journey starts with the right visa!

Visa Victory!

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